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2015 Nations' Cup Ballet on Ice - Colombes, France


Congratulations!  BRAVO!  


TOI BRAVO! team got third place overall out of 9 teams !

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The Essex Skating Club of New Jersey's BRAVO! Theater On Ice team is a competitive theatrical skating troupe - the first of its kind in the state of New Jersey.  BRAVO! is committed to providing a team atmosphere in which skaters of a variety of ages and skill levels can work together to develop both skating and theatrical skills.


Our Theater On Ice team offers a variety of sporting activities such as body stretching and strengthening, choreographic exercises, and of course, skating!  It is a proven fact that participating in team sports will enhance child development.  




BRAVO! fosters team spirit, fitness, and stamina, all of which keep skaters on the road to good health!


Oleg Bliakhman





Our coach, Oleg Bliakhman,

with three of his skaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Theater On Ice?" You ask?


Theater On Ice (TOI) is a form of competitive figure skating that is popular in Europe, where it is known as Ballet On Ice.  It combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance.  Teams consist of between 8 and 30 skaters.  Each year, teams choose a theme and develop a theater/dance routine to their own compilation of music.  Teams use scenery, props and costumes in order to tell a story to the audience.  Solo skating is discouraged, but is permitted in limited amounts if it enhances the overall telling of the program's story.  The programs are judged by qualified U.S. Figure Skating Association judges and are evaluated on technical merit and presentation with emphasis on originality, costuming, artistry, and musicality.


Additionally, and most importantly, Theater On Ice is a competitive team sport that offers fun, friendship, and the camaraderie that is so often lacking for individual figure skaters!


 Additional information regarding our team and TOI, in general, can be obtained here.  We invite you to come and participate in our weekly training program, which includes 30 minutes of choreographic off ice exercise and one hour of skating.  We are always looking to expand our team, and we welcome any interested parties to join us!  Please call 1-732-98BRAVO (982-7286) for more information.

Who is eligible?


BRAVO! skaters:

* Must be members of US Figure Skating
* Must be full or associate members of Essex Skating Club of NJ (ESC)
* Must be enrolled in an ESC TOI academic program
* Must take additional skating lessons.
* Must pass Pre-Preliminary MIF
* Must be seven years of age

There is no audition process; all who meet the requirements are welcome to join.
There is no upper age limit or test level for the team.



When and where are practices?


Regular weekly practices are held at Codey Arena on Monday evenings from 7-8pm 

Additional on and off-ice practices are scheduled as needed.  Additionally, several mandatory practices are held in the weeks prior to the USFSA National/International Theater On Ice Competition.  




Are there any other commitments?


Members of BRAVO! are expected to attend all choreography exercises and practices.  Skaters are also expected to participate in the following competitions:  


*This Info will be updated shortly


 The location for the National/International Championship changes annually.  Skaters and their families are responsible for all travel and hotel expenses.  


Parents are expected to contribute to the team by serving on the Board of Directors and/or by becoming actively involved in team committees related to fundraising, scenery and props, costumes, travel, competition organization, and social activity planning.  Our vibrant and creative parents and extended family members are one of the elements that make BRAVO! so special.


Where can I get more information?


If you have any questions about joining BRAVO!, please feel free to contact us:

                *Team Managers:                           Evelyn VanWagner   732-982-7286 


               *Professional Staff:                         Tatiana Mikhailova, head coach              973-960-4535 

                                                                       Oleg Bliahman, coach choreographer


                 *via e-mail:                                       info@bravoonice.com



Our complete offer and training schedule of our different sections can be obtained by contacting us.

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